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Tool Engineering

Delaware Dynamics tribal knowledge insures tool designs are uncomplicated, simple to operate and produce engineered parts of the highest quality at maximum efficiency time after time

Cad Modeling

  • Dassault CATIA Version 5-6 Release 2016 Build 26
  • Unigraphics NX 7.5
  • FEA Structural Analysis Modules
  • Pro-Engineer Wildfire 2.2
  • In stream use of NX NASTRAN CAE
  • Used for in house design and customer support on problematic production issues
  • 10 design seats with full access to CAE software
  • Stress, thermal, durability, and assembly predictions

Tool Design

  • Design considerations include:
    • Poka Yoke(Quality by Design) designs to prevent improper use
    • Provide maximum safety of operator
    • Flexible components using standardized tooling components
    • Economy of production, selecting materials that provide adequate tool life
    • Clear identification and labeling
  • Tool Fabrication
    • Assy/Drill Fixture Equipment
      • Fabricated and Laser fabricated fixtures for all type assemblies
    • Handling Fixture Line Dolly
      • Fab, Machine steel structure on machined base
    • Handling Fixture Hoist Tool
      • Fab, Machine steel structures
    • Stretch Form Dies, HF, SPF and Termoplastic
      • Steel, kirksite, or aluminum tooling to produce aluminum skins
    • Vacuum/Trim Fixture
      • Machined Aluminum and Composite Vacuum tools for trimming
    • Bond Tools & Lay-up Molds
      • Machined Invar, Aluminum and Graphite for producing Composite parts

Project Management

  • Project Manager
    • Single point of contact
    • Responsible for all program deliverables
  • Project Process Check
    • Project schedules
    • Coordination memos
    • Weekly-status
  • Scope Management
    • Delaware Dynamics project team constantly supervises all project deliverables to make certain we meet or exceed all requirements and specifications
    • The Project Manager ensures that all deliverables can be met prior to moving to the fabrication phase


Meetings will be held with Delaware Dynamics and our Customer throughout the course of the project.

Product Modeling